The fastest
and easiest method of

Share everything you create on BabelUX instantly. Get feedback from your team, share features with developers, get approval from stakeholders - all in one place.

Team Comments

Collect feedback from your team to iterate quickly, stay in sync and ensure transparency throughout the whole process.

Comments takes collaboration to the next level. You can use comments to respond to feedback, tweak your designs and iterate faster - all from the original design File.

You can add comments to Files or Prototypes.

To view, make and respond to comments you will need to enter Comment mode.

Collaboration Approval requests

Invite your stakeholders to your prototypes and get official approvals without having to register. We only wish you approvals!

BabelUx provides scenario-based presets to create sharable links for your designs with ease. For example, when creating a design link for review, all you have to do is select the available preset based on your requirement, copy the created link, and share it with your stakeholders. You no longer have to worry about setting commenting options or navigation controls.


The owner and any reviewer who comments (while logged in with an Adobe ID) will begin getting email notifications. Email can be turned off or changed to a daily digest using email preferences on

Automatic style guide

Keep a summary of all colors, fonts and assets from each prototype in one place. During the design, the style guide is updated.

You can search sort & filter them quickly. If you need a specific Symbol instance or Style, just drag and drop it onto the Canvas from the components panel. No more endless dropdown menus to find the right thing!