Ergonomic design systems.

FDynamic, compatible and reusable design systems that are easy to maintain by everyone on your team to ensure consistency between designs.

Convenient Unified Libraries

Create a set of shared colors, text styles, assets, and user interface components to ensure consistency and increase productivity.

You can now build Styleguides that can connect to all your BabeUx projects. Global Styleguides let you organize and update your design system colors, text styles and components all in a centralized location.

Team Permissions

In a Team, your Permissions will determine what Files and Projects you can access and how you can interact with them. These permissions still apply for teams that are part of an Organization

Set team permissions for your design systems to have full control over who can edit or view them.

Design Syncing

Export and store designs in projects, curating them in the cloud, under one roof. Quickly invite teammates, share links and get to building.

Everyone in the team can access up to date design resources, get notified of changes.